screen time you can
feel good about

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Let's kickstart your child's reading!
Watch and learn how.


what is
kickstart reading?

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2 minute videos that teach you how to read.


2-minute videos

We know how kids’ attention spans can be.  That’s why we keep our videos short. Small wins to build your kid’s confidence.


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for ages 3-6

Slow and steady wins the race.  
Give your kids a boost by empowering them with the tools they need to make learning how to read FUN!


to learn to read

Think of us like your kid’s personal reading tutor.
We’re NOT overstimulating.  We’re NOT a video game. We only do ONE thing:  teach your child how to read.


wherever you go

You can watch our 2-minute videos anytime, anywhere. Now, when your kids are begging for the phone or iPad, you can rest assured it’s screen time you can feel good about.

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Not quite 3 yet?
Click here to get a free video on your third birthday.


meet the

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hi, I'm Lauren

Meet Lauren, she’s the teacher and voice behind Kickstart Reading.  

As an elementary and special education teacher for more than 10 years, Lauren has always LOVED teaching reading.  

In 2017, Lauren decided to extend her passion for teaching reading to outside the classroom.  She teamed up with her brother, Rob, and together they developed Kickstart Reading.

Lauren’s philosophy has always been that kids excel when they are encouraged, having fun, and gaining confidence.  She brings this same approach and positive energy to Kickstart Reading.

Lauren’s also a mom to two boys, Brody and Jake (ages 5 and 3).  She knows first hand how busy life can be. That’s why the Kickstart Reading videos are only 2 minutes long.

The truth is that kids already get screen time, so why not give your kids screen time you can feel good about?

We can’t wait to make your child another Kickstart Reading success story.  Share your reading stories with us at #KickstartReading!



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Don't take our word for it, take theirs:


“Jake’s smile and look of satisfaction after he finishes a reading video seriously makes me feel like a better parent.”

-- Jake, age 5

”Katherine is full on reading now. I credit you!”

-- Katherine, age 4

“Lauren’s voice is so soothing and encouraging. My son gets excited to read now!”

-- Sam, age 4

“I was unsure at first if my son was too young for the videos, but he is really engaged watching them! He is already learning his letter sounds!”

-- Campbell, age 3