These Awesome Dads Tell Us What Reading to Their Kids Means to Them

by Lauren Goldblatt


“I clearly remember spending time reading with my dad and it’s my favorite part of the day with my kids.  It’s one of the non-negotiables in my day.”

-- Jesse Itzler
Dad to Lazer (9), Lincoln (5), Charlie (5), and Tepper (2)
Entrepreneur, BYLR
Best selling author, Living with the Monks


"I love to see my kids' young minds go to work and ask thoughtful questions about the books we read."

-- DC Crenshaw
Dad to Tru (9) and Cruz (6)
Co-Founder Little Diner’s Crew
Emmy Nominated Executive Producer
Publisher Fete Lifestyle Magazine


teacher tip :

Even 5 minutes reading to your child makes an impact.  Carve out small pockets of time  -- at breakfast, bedtime, or over the weekend -- and you'll both cherish those moments together.

"Reading with Duke is one of my favorite things to do together.  We love the outdoors, but there's just something about sitting down to read a book together that is so great.  Those are the moments you never want to miss."

-- Bill Rancic
Dad to Duke (5)
Entrepreneur, Restaurateur
Co-creator of Pear Parenting App


“Reading is a special chance to connect and bond with my kids.  It means so much to me, I wrote a children’s book!”

-- Zack Bush
Dad to Ace (3) and Ava (2)
Co-Owner, Ball & Chain
Best Selling Children's Book Author, Made For Me


“I still have lasting memories of both my Dad and Grandfather reading to me.  Having the chance to read to my grandkids is a wonderful bonding experience that I treasure.  Don’t miss these opportunities.”

-- Scott Roseman
Child Psychologist,
Grandpa to 5
And my Dad, who read to me every day


“I want daddy to read me a book!’? When else can I have my boys sitting quietly next to me, listening to every word?  Family life gets so busy, reading together at bedtime is a special few minutes I can share with my kids.”

--Rob Roseman
Dad to Cameron (6), Brooks (4), Remy (1)
Co-Founder, Kickstart Reading


"It’s important to me to make reading a fun habit for my boys."

--Chris Heller
Dad to Bodhi (4) and Dre (1.5)
Connector and 3X Podcast Host


"Reading to my kids is one of the only times in the day where it feels like everything else stops and we can fully be in the moment."

-- Gerard Dawson
Dad to Gerard (3) and Peter (7 months)
High School Teacher and Writer


"It makes me proud to know that my kids love to be read to at such a young age because it is creating a foundation for success."

-- Ray Steinmetz
Dad to Claire (4) and Ben (2)
Teacher & Writer 


“I love reading to my kids and having them read to me. It allows me to see the books through their eyes and see what makes them laugh, what piques their interest, and what makes them curious. It’s a way to connect with my kids while learning, growing, and expanding their worlds (and mine).”

--Brett Goldblatt
Dad to Brody (5) and Jake (3)
Attorney (and also my incredible husband!)

Thanks to all the awesome dads out there for making reading with their kids, a "can't miss" part of their day!

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