make reading with your child the best part of your day

by Lauren Goldblatt


When you look back at your day with the kids, what would you say was your favorite part?

This one is easy for me…reading a bedtime book with my kids.

A quiet time to unwind and snuggle up together in bed.  No screens, no distractions, and yes, it helps to know that the kids are going to bed soon. 

Still, every parent knows how busy life gets, and at the end of the day, you just crave a little break. We all forget to read to our kids some days, or we rush through a book to get the kids in bed.

Am I the only one who’s skipped a page of a never-ending story, because I’m just beat?

Here are 3 simple reminders you can use to read with your kids on the regular.

1) Reading isn’t just for bedtime

Yes, routine is good, but we all know how busy running a family can be. I try to find quick spots to read to my kids — at the doctor’s office, while they’re eating breakfast, even waiting in the carpool line.

Sure, reading for 20 minutes like the doctor ordered would be nice, but sometimes squeezing in 5 minutes of a book is enough to feel like we accomplished something (small win!).

2) Ask your kid questions

It’s easy to just roll through a story as fast as you can.  But next time you sit down to read with your child, spend an extra 30 seconds every few pages to ask your kid “What did Curious George forget to do?” or “Why is the Giving Tree sad?”

You’ll feel proud watching your kid come up with answers and start to help build his comprehension skills. 

3)  Act silly!

When else do you have a chance to “ooh ooh!!” like Curious George, or hear your kids cackle when you say “Boo Boo Butt” in “The Book with No Pictures”?! Your kids adore seeing your silly, creative side.

Get into the story, it’s your time together to have fun! And then, you get to close the book with the winning phrase…The end!

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