3 Things You Can Tell Your Child's Teacher

by Lauren Goldblatt

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No one knows your child better than you do.

You can really help out your child's new teacher by telling her a little bit about your child.

Be careful though, you don’t want to start the first day bombarding the new teacher with too much information.

You want to build a good relationship with your child’s teacher to have a successful year with open communication.

On the first day, there are only a couple things that the teacher must know about your child:

  • Any health concerns, especially allergies; and

  • How your child is getting home that day.

Most of the other issues can wait until after the students and teacher get a little more settled in. 

Then, once things have settled down, here are 3 things you can tell your child's teacher to make the transition of a new school year easier:

Family issues - If there is anything going on in your child’s home life that could affect him in school, let the teacher know. This can be done in a letter, phone call, or conference.  Just be sure not to do this in front of a classroom of other parents.  

Your child’s learning style - You may already know that your child performs better when there are pictures to help him visualize concepts.  Or, that he performs better when he hears directions being read aloud.

Teachers may not always be able to accommodate every child’s needs, but if your child is struggling to understand a concept, this may help the teacher better explain it to your child.


teacher tip :

Your child’s interests - When your child is feeling shy or having a 'not so great' day, it's helpful if a teacher knows some of your child's interests. 

Knowing your child loves soccer, playing hide and seek, or watching Curious George, helps the teacher connect, and will make your child feel more comfortable and confident. 

Let the teacher know you are available if she has any questions about your child, and you'll establish a great foundation together.

These tips can help you get the school year off to a great start.

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Lauren Goldblatt